Glossary of Terms


The Crypstarter Reserve Currency

CST is considered the "Valuable Collateral Asset" of Crypstarter and the most liquid for its holders.


The Crypstarter Algorithmic Stablecoin

AURE is seen as the "Money" of the Crypstarter Ecosystem. Users burn CST to mint AURE and burn AURE to mint CST

Algorithmic Stablecoin

An Algorithmic Stablecoin is designed to achieve price stability as well as balance the circulating supply of an asset through being pegged to a reserve asset such as the U.S. dollar for example, gold or any foreign currency


This is activities of the AURE Pool Balance to make profit from price differences across different markets. Arbitrageurs buy coins (CST or AURE) in one market and sell them on another market for a higher price. In this way, they profit from the different prices across the markets.


Crypstarter Balance Protocol

Our protocol for managing the price of AURE is always pegged at 1 USD.

Backing Treasury

The Treasury used for backing the value of CST token, similar with OlympusDAO treasury

Investment Treasury

The Treasury will be used as a Venture Fund, managed by the DAO and the Crypstarter Finance Team

Balance Treasury

The Treasury will be used by the CBP (Crypstarter Balance Protocol) for backing and managing the price of AURE token.


Proof of Investment, our unique technical.

Basically, POI is an NFT, created by our system to record all information about tokens, shares, staking rewards... POI can be traded on the Crypstarter Secondary Market.


poiAURE Is a Proof of Invest (POI) token of AURE Balance Pool mint when users provide AURE liquidity to Balance Pool for the purpose of storing and validating investment information in Pool Balance such as APY interest rate. poiAURE has the same value as the AURE that the user has put into the Balance Pool. Since POIs are represented as NFTs, poiAUREs can be traded at the Secondary Market. When the user wants to withdraw AURE and profit from the Pool Balance, the user will return the PoiAURE to the Balance Pool so that the system will automatically calculate the profit until the time of paying the user's PoiAURE and return the AURE with the profit. poiAURE will then be burned.


bAURE is an interest-bearing Token of Crypstarter Lending, and minted to pay lenders and borrowers is swapped for AURE at a ratio of 1:1. For Lender, bAURE will increase day by day interest received by Lender. Therefore, Lender can withdraw profit as well as capital at any time quickly by swapping bAURE with AURE without having to go through CST Lending protocol. bAURE holders in addition to AURE swap can also provide AURE/bAURE pool liquidity for additional Crypstarter Lending incentive rewards. bAURE will be burned after the borrower pays off the loan.


bCST Is the interest-bearing Token minted when the CST Holder places the CST. bCST will help CST Holders have more flexible capital rotation solutions while escrow CST. The amount of bCST will increase every day according to the stake reward and CST Holder receive. Therefore, with bCST, CST Staker does not have to withdraw CST, but can exchange it directly with CST in the market with a 1:1 exchange rate, which increases the liquidity of CST Token in the market as well as keeps CST shares. for a long time. than. bCST will be burned when the bCST Holder unpacks and gets his CST and stake bonus back

Liquidity Provider

Liquidity Providers are investors who deposit tokens and provide liquidity to liquidity pools in the protocols of the Crypstarter ecosystem such as AURE Pool Balance, Crypstarter Lending, DEX ve(3,3), Yeild Farming... to receive transaction fees and incentive rewards of those protocols.


Annual Percentage Rate

The annualised interest rate, not accounting for compounding


Annual Percentage Yield

The annualised interest rate, accounting for compounding


Bond Control Variable

The scaling variable controlling bond prices. A higher BCV means a lower discount to bonders and higher inflation of the protocol. A lower BCV means higher discount for bonders and lower inflation of the protocol.


Deflation Control Variable

The scaling variable governing buying pressure from the protocol. A higher DCV leads to higher buying pressure from the protocol and stronger deflation. A lower DCV leads to lower buying pressure from the protocol and weaker deflation.


Decentralised Autonomous Organization

A governance mechanism by which decisions are more trustless and collaborative. Votes are made using a governance token, in our case CSTG.


Protocol-Controlled Value

The value of the treasury controlled by the protocol. A higher value is better.


Protocol-Owned Liquidity

The amount of its own liquidity the protocol owns. Higher is better.


Risk-Free Value

The amount of funds the treasury guarantees as backing for CST.


Total Value Locked

The total sum of the value staked in the Crypstarter Treasury in Dollars. A growing TVL is a sign of growth.

Reward Rate

Reward rate is the configured percentage of CST distributed to all stakers on each rebase relative to the total supply. The reward rate is precisely set by the policy team.

Reward Yield

Reward yield refers to the actual amount of CST received by each staker on each rebase. The reward yield is a rough target from a policy point of view. It can almost never be maintained precisely due to e.g. fluctuating amounts of CST staked.

Investment Smart Contract

For every investment deal signed on Crypstarter, an Investment Smart Contract (ISC) is created to govern the investment for its lifetime. The ISC guarantees that investors are rewarded when making an investment and that startup owners' raised fund are protected and disbursed in a timely manner.

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