Investment Process

How to do?

  1. Registration on

  2. Purchase CST tokens and send those to a Crypstarter digital wallet to stake for a period

  3. Choose the project listed on the Crypstarter Platform

  4. Exchange CST tokens for the project's token of your choosing

  5. Accept the agreement with the Startups when exchanging Crypstarter coin

  6. Investor will receive three benefits from the Startup

    • Company shares

    • Project tokens

    • Proof of investment

Co-investment method

The idea

Crypstarter is the first platform that creates a co-investment system that includes an investment relationship between three parties, Startups - Lead Investors - Retail investors. When the project is appraised and invested by the Main Investor from the beginning with a minimum rate of 20%, the Retail Investor can copy the strategy for a fee to mainstream investors. Thereby, startups can access community capital more easily and transparently.

The difference of Crypstarter is that it allows Startups to issue Cryptocurrencies for their own project based on its Crypstarter chain and managed by a fully-featured Smart contract like the Ethereum network. This allows investors to receive more direct economic benefits when the project's Token increases in price and also gives Startups more flexibility in raising capital through the sale of their Project Token.

How it works

Project Appraiser

Lead Investors are our project appraisers of Crypstarter. Not only giving professional opinions, but they are also the ones who make investment decisions with a minimum rate of 20%. That’s why any project they are invested in is more reliable than others.

Project Listing

Projects appraised by Lead Investors will be featured on their portfolio page on our platform as well as especially recommended on the Crypstarter Platform. Retail Investors can choose the project they want and join our special co-investment program.

Co-investment Method

Leading investors share their investment strategies and reports on the projects they have chosen. Not everyone knows how to do Due Diligence on a project in a professional and precise way. This solution helps Retail Investors use their investment in a safer way.

Fee Agreement

Projects that were shared and invested by Lead Investors will allow Retail Investors to participate in the co-investment model easily. In return, both can agree on a suitable fee. We provides a simple and transparent way through our blockchain technology.

The Investment Process

Option 1: Startup choose to receive CST

In this option, startup choose to receive CST token since the agreement is signed. Startup can choose CST to earn the extra benefits from CST Token on Crypstarter Ecosystem (like staking, lending/borrowing...)

The startup is at its own risk for market fluctuations in the value of the CST token. The price of CST Token may be higher or lower at the time of signing the investment at each smart contract disbursement according to the milestones and the startup company will be solely responsible for the profit or loss due to the influence of the price fluctuations.

Option 2: Startup choose to receive AURE

In this option, the startup chooses to receive AURE tokens since the agreement is signed. With AURE, Startup can have a safer option and guaranteed investment value without worrying about price fluctuations from the market since AURE is a stablecoin.

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