Introduction CST 2.0


In order to build an attractive and sustainable reward mechanism for the community, besides meeting Tokenomics and technical standards so that Crypstarter can be listed on the next major CEXs. We propose a new structure with many changes and features more suitable for the current community and market, the new updates will be explained below.
Based on the structural analysis of DEFI projects in the market, we find that DEFI projects often try to generate large FOMO in the early stages, and most will experience liquidity problems as users grow.
From there, Crypstarter proposes new mechanisms to bring the best benefits to both the community and the sustainable development of the system, while ensuring the value of CST is always sustainable.


We propose the new structure of the Token as follows:

Crypstarter Token

Token Distribution

Read here: Tokenomics


1. Crypstarter Bond

CST Bond is a protocol that gathers to attract and swap Stablecoin (BUSD, DAI...) or Token Assets (BNB, BTC…) or LP Tokens, DEX reward tokens (CAKE, UNI…) and offer discounted price compared to the market. Bond has the following programs:
Crypto Assets
LP Tokens
One of the special mechanisms of Crypstarter is that through the Bonding protocol, Investors who buy Bond will simultaneously increase the Treasury and pull the price of CST Token on the DEX in the following way:

2. How does Crypstarter Bond work?

  • Users come to Crypstarter Bond section on the website and check if there is a discounted bond.
  • Not that every time there is a discounted bond available, if someone already bought all the discounted bond, there will be no discounted bond left. Or when the project decide that not to sell bond, there'll be no discounted bond available.
  • If there is bond available, usually with a discount, users can buy CST with a discounted price, for example 10%. So they pay 10% less WBNB ( or BUSD, or CST-BNB LP or whatever the protocol choose) compare to what they have to pay on normal exchanges.
  • Users can claim their CST right after purchase or a few days later (usually 5 days) depend on the setting of the protocol.
  • 50% of the purchased money will go to normal exchange to market buy, help increase the price and market cap.
  • 50% of the purchased money will go to the Investment Treasury of the protocol, make the protocol more sustainable.
  • The 50/50 ratio can be configured by the protocols at any time depends on market situation.

3. Why our Bond is different?

Crypstarter Bond is a new model of Bonding that will combine the best of both worlds: open market buys that fuel price action and bonds to help treasury keep up.
If an Investors wants to purchase $1,000 of CST and the ratio is set to 50/50 the following happens: The Crypstarter Bond will route $600 dollars through PancakeSwap using the liquidity pair, and $400 though our Crypstarter Bonds. The Investors chooses the amount and the Crypstarter Bond contract handles the rest!

Crypstarter Bonding Mechanism has many advantages:

  • Easy to use for the user
  • Treasury per market cap ratio grows close together
  • Protocol can regulate the buy/bond ratio at anytime
  • Price and treasury grow with every buy