Community Activity Rewards

With the vision of creating a platform where all participants can get rewarded, Crypstarter offers Community Activity Rewards program to all CST holders for contributing and operating on the platform. The system includes

  1. Submit Proposals for Investment opportunities

  2. Voting to approve projects

  3. Propose system changes

Activities on the platform will receive a reward as CST and be transferred directly to the CST Wallet registered on the system.

We are mobilizing our community to find 1000x, unicorn investments by create a biggest reward:

$100,000 will be awarded to community members that find, research, and present opportunities to Crypstarter that result in a treasury investment.

Our team of world-class Fund Managers will review submissions on a daily basis and choose the best briefs.

The process will be followed these step:

  1. Thousands of investment suggestions will be submitted by our community (both in and outside of crypto)

  2. Our staff will review each proposal and choose the highest-quality briefs.

  3. The top crowdsourced solutions will be put to a vote by the community. Crypstarter will invest in the winning proposal(s), and the person(s) who produced the proposal(s) will be awarded $100,000.

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