Service Provider Rewards

The Concept

Crypstarter introduces the concept of creating an open economy on its ecosystem, this is an opportunity for many parties to receive economic benefits when participating in supporting projects and receiving Project Token rewards, as well as part The reward is CST Token from Crypstarter's system.

Service providers

Service providers participating in the system include

  1. Lawyer

  2. Digital Marketing

  3. Graphics & design

  4. Video & animation

  5. Writing & translation

  6. Business Operation

    1. Virtual Assistant

    2. Accountant

    3. Business consulting

  7. Programming & tech

    1. Web programming

    2. Mobile application

    3. Desktop application

    4. Game development

    5. Testing

    6. QA & review

How it works

CST Holders

Before officially registering in the system, the service provider must buy and stake a specified percentage of CST Token according to the regulations of the system. The system will be divided into Tiers in order, the higher the value of the services, the higher the CST Token ratio required for staking. This is to ensure the quality and seriousness of service providers when participating in projects. Service Provider can be registered as an individual or an Organization/Enterprise

Service Provider Tiers

  1. Tier 1: Hold or stake from 200,000 - 500,000 CST

  2. Tier 2: Hold or stake from 510,000 - 1,000,000 CST

  3. Tier 3: Hold or stake from 1,010,000 - 5,000,000 CST

  4. Tier 4: Hold or stake from 5,010,000 - 10,000,000 CST

  5. Tier 5: Hold or stake from 10,000,000+ CST

Service Registration

Service providers use their CST staking as a collateral to receive the Crypstarter Service Provider Certification. After that they can begin support any projects on the Crypstarter ecosystem by dealing with the business owner through the Crypstarter platform

Community Voting

Service providers that receive good reviews and feedback from the community will receive a reward of CST for their contribution. The bonus will be detailed according to each level. (for example, receiving 100 4 star reviews will receive a reward of 100 CST). The community will also receive rewards as active contributions to the system.

Provide Service

After satisfying all the required conditions, the Service provider can choose the appropriate projects to register to provide services at the request of the business owner. Agreements on milestones, fees, payments will be handled through a smart contract. When the service is completed, the Service Provider will receive a reward of CSTA from Crypstarter and a Project token from the Business owner.

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