Crypstarter Participants


Lead Investors

Lead investors are experts in the field of investment or venture capital funds. Lead investors will play a leading role in the evaluation and analysis of projects submitted to the Crypstarter Crowdfunding platform.

Retail Investors

Retail investors are participants who buy and hold CST Token and use it to invest in projects listed on the CST Crowdfunding platform.

Startups/business owners

The creators of featured projects on our platform. They are Startups or Business owners and have a common need to apply blockchain technology to their business model and seek capital from the community to develop their products.

Service Providers

They are experts in many fields (Lawyers, Business consultants, advisors, auditors...), have activities on the system and contribute to projects when necessary and will be rewarded as CSTS from Crypstarter Platform.

Crypstarter DAO

They are the community of CST Token holders. They can participate in activities and projects on the Crypstarter Network platform through voting through the DAO mechanism. They can receive additional rewards as CSTS through staking CST Token or become a Service provider and receive rewards from the system.

Liquidity Providers

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