Fundraising Process

Project Approval

Crypstarter has two mechanisms for project approval

  1. Lead Investor Approval: The project is appraised and evaluated by the Lead Investors (who are the leading investors in the industry with expertise in appraisal), they will be the direct investors in the project with a large proportion. Once approved, the project will be proposed on the Crypstarter Platform.

  2. Community Voting: The project is voted by Crypstarter community by using their governence tokens. If 51% positive votes will be announced on the Crypstarter Platform

Project Token Issues

After submitting the project to the platform, the Startup can create a Project token on the Platform through the Token Generation App of Crypstarter, which can be completed in 5 minutes without any code lines. Project tokens will be used to sell to Investors during the fundraising process.

Unlike normal crowdfunding platforms, helping Startups create their own cryptocurrency will bring more advantages to the fundraising process. Crypstarter will support Startups from the Pre-seed round to the Public sale round through the Crypstarter IDO launchpad.

Fundraising Project Requirement

Each fundraising project should include these categories

  1. Pitch deck (pdf for investors)

  2. Business model

  3. Project's main goals and pain points to be solved

  4. Team profile, roadmap, partners

  5. Necessary marketing documentations

  6. Videos, necessary links

  7. Investment return conditions

  8. Project and token names

  9. Start and end dates of the Crypstarter funding

  10. Raising amount, also in tokens with details of soft cap and hard cap targets

  11. Information on the number of emitted tokens and the percentage of them being up for sale

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