Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Our vision

We believe that by allowing everyone, regardless of background, to enter the realm of high technology, we are giving individuals all around the world a fresh chance. With the business model of tokenization platform for fundraising early-stage projects via crowdfunding.

Our main goal is to fulfill society's rising demands for direct transformation and participation of retail investors in the future development of the society and for entrepreneurs to get access to growth capital, with the monitoring system and value-adds from lead investors and third-parties service providers, etc.

With tech-enabling initiatives, we provide a simple way to invest, not restricted by distance or intermediaries. In addition, the amount of money one wants to invest is not restricted. Our solution is based on our patented, trustworthy, and transparent blockchain technologies. With inventive solutions, unique initiatives, and customer connections, Crypstarter focuses its efforts on protecting global sustainable growth.

Major challenges

  1. Many ideas are not completed because the necessary capital cannot be raised

  2. Many platforms allow to raise capital through IDO, IEO but only when there is a specific product or high costs make it difficult for startups in the early stages, and almost exclusively for blockchain projects. It is difficult for projects with other business models to access this capital.

  3. Traditional crowdfunding models have issue monitoring traction/usage of proceeds, realistic targets and deadlines

  4. Existing crowdfunding models do not create added value for both investors and startups. Blockchain technology creates a completely new business environment, synchronized with the main business model of the enterprise.

Crypstarter Solutions

  1. Support startups raising funds from a very early stage, helping them to get enough capital to start their business

  2. Help existing businesses as well as new startups create their own cryptocurrency based on the blockchain and smart contract platform of the Crypstarter Network. Through the issuance of cryptocurrencies, businesses can expand their business strategies as well as raise capital through future public sales.

  3. Help existing businesses expand their business model through the adoption of Crypstarter blockchain technology and connect with other businesses in the ecosystem.

  4. Crypstarter brings many benefits to all participants in the ecosystem, including Retail Investors, Startups, Lead Investors through our special investment program

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